At Iceni Event Solutions our pledge is to help event organisers, large or small, process event registrations, capture data and deliver a smooth onsite experience.    Using our team’s wealth of expertise and our unique technology, we can offer you the best solution to fit your event.

We never restrict our services with a one size fits all approach and are flexible to meet your needs. With as much hands-on support as you require, we have the solution to maximise the return on your event and ensure its smooth running.

Our Services

Registration Systems

With fully scalable systems, our technology captures registrations, analyses data and provides organisers with instant insights for their event.   Whether you need to register 100 or 100,000 people we can offer a solution to suit your needs.

DIY Modules – Simple online systems that allow organisers to self-manage their event from collecting registrations, through to self-printing badges.

Onsite Solutions

We know that a successful event experience, for attendees and organisers, is a result of the unique relationship between technology and onsite management.

Our staff work closely with the organiser’s team both pre and onsite, to deliver that relationship and help organisers to reach their event goals.

Seamless entry for attendees, onsite reporting and post event data analysis for the organiser provides clear ROI.

Project Management for Registration

The options available for registration, data collection and attendee handling are vast.

Our team work with you to choose what your event needs to thrive, from initial planning through to final delivery.

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Why Choose Iceni ?

Every member of Iceni Event Solutions is passionate about events and thrives on the challenges and rewards that come from working in the live event environment.

The team has extensive on-the-ground experience in the events sector, working with clients around the world across a large spectrum of events, including conferences, exhibitions, live and secure events.

We understand the important role that registration and the use of data plays in delivering both the marketing strategy and a seamless onsite experience. Iceni Event Solutions brings event data to life in the format that allows our clients to thrive.