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Using data systems for improved customer service

In a time where customer service and engagement is key, event attendees are sometimes flooded with communications from organisers causing them to ignore or miss messaging that could aid conversion.  

Organisers often depend on attendees logging into websites to search for key points of interest at the show.  This article shows you how to use the data collected at the time of registration to enhance your relationship with the attendee and how Iceni solutions offer immediate matched messaging, targeted e-badges and the opportunity for increased exhibitor and sponsor revenue.

Linking data collected during the registration process using a pre-agreed matrix with exhibitor criteria enables a suite of communication leads to be actioned:

Confirmation Messages

Using the profile, confirmation messages can be tailored to the attendee’s interests, offering the opportunity to showcase Sponsors, relevant exhibitors and the onsite event programme. A countdown to specific sites or call to action can be displayed.

Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails can include choices of programme, or links to engage the attendee to book additional participation, provide further information, or offer a special discount or session.


Print at home badges often have wasted space and can be utilised more efficiently to highlight schedules for the attendee or key sponsors, or provide choices relating to their form responses.  For instance, a schedule option to attend a free session or exhibitor drinks can easily be merged onto the badge. Vouchers can also be provided with additional scan codes entitling the attendee to a specific item or even something as simple as a cloakroom ticket, or meal voucher.

Check-in Alerts

We can link specific attendee’s check-in through to the system to notify parties such as sponsors or your team at the event that someone has arrived.

Onsite Messages at Self Registration

Messages can be shown on self-registration screens onsite, alerting attendees to functions, sponsors, specific exhibitors.  These can be targeted to visitors that have chosen specific demographics or are a specific attendee type.

Live Scanning Alerts

If we are using live scanning at any of the entrances or conference, we can tag alerts for specific people to these.  They can either flash up on the screen when an attendee is scanned to tell the hostess a specific message or an email can be sent to a specified person or the attendee if required with an action flagging.

Key Buyer Alerts

We can send out a notification to an exhibitor when a person who has been invited via the Exhibitor Invite Tool arrives at the venue. An SMS or email is sent to the main stand holder alerting them when the invitee arrives/collects their badge.  This can be reversed, and a notification sent to the visitor informing them as to the location of the exhibitor, dependent upon chosen demographics at the registration process.

Sales Alerts

Notification can be sent to those that have already pre-registered based upon the demographics answered. The system can build a profile of the registrant so recommendations can be made in terms of those exhibitors who may be most beneficial for them to meet. This, in turn, enhances the visitor experience and encourages revisits as people are encouraged to spend more time at the event.

Matching attendees to exhibitors or other groups

Web-based mobile application that enables a match of demographic interest captured from attendees during the registration process, matched with exhibitor profiles.  Exhibitors are profiled using an agreed criterion which matches primary interest questions. The system matches the relevant exhibitors and the visitor can be led to these using a few options.

  • Highlight the matching in communications pre-event
  • Signage around the event – a QR code or barcode which is linked to the area of the sign. It also means that sponsors or key partners can also be profiled into each of the visitor’s preferences providing them with higher profile.

LED Screens

Using the above criteria and working with one of our hardware technology partners, our browser driven registration and engagement systems are able to offer visually stunning engagement options, that can be scaled up to provide scanning points which activate engagement messages on large LED walls.

Networking Service

Iceni has a web based mobile app which links directly to the registration system and allows attendees to message for onsite meetings/networking. Applicants opt to be visible on the service and when the service is made live, each attendee receives an email and log in. They can search visible attendees by demographic requirement and message them within the app. The attendee receiving the message can choose to respond within the application to arrange to meet.  At no time are the attendees provided with any external contact data or the ability to contact the person outside of the application itself.

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