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Running a CPD programme is a lot more complicated than just a standard series of events, seminars or workshops.

Whether you are an association wanting to ensure your members stay current with the latest learnings, or an organisation looking after the educational needs of your staff, it all comes down to the same thing: You need to know who has attended what to be able to attribute the correct number of CPD points.

Why so complicated?

It should all be simple right? All you need to do is know who registers for what event, track whether they attend and then afterwards award them the points and any certificates that go with it. The problem is when you write things down like that even flying to the moon can seem simple – build a rocket, pilot the rocket, and land on the moon.

Now we know CPD tracking isn’t rocket science, but it is a lot more complicated than just explained. There are variables you need to consider, like did the person attend the whole session, or did they drop out halfway through? Did they then re-enter? Should this person be awarded the points? Then if you have multiple sessions going on you could end up with a monster of a matrix spreadsheet, but this spreadsheet is critical to know who you need to post, or email, out the certificates to at the end of the process.

How much of your resources are eaten up by CPD?

All this tracking the majority of the time is still done by hand. This raises the question of if we can automate it, how much more value could your team bring to the entire programme?

If your team had a system they could set it up with the events and CPD points for each and let it run what would that mean to them? A system allowing them to register seamlessly each attendee, track who attends, and for how long. Then calculate how many CPD points each person has gained and send the certificates out to the right people.

Sounds great doesn’t it, the good news is it’s here.

Expanding the opportunities to deliver CPD

The great news is it doesn’t need to end there. There is the option to go further. What happens to those that can’t attend the full course? What if they have the option to complete it from home, or at the office through online learning where a link is provided to a recorded session that can include a test at the end to ensure they paid attention.

Giving you the capabilities

Our solution has been built not just with you in mind, but with your attendees too. Being completely customisable, we ensure it is the best fit for you.

With so much of the administration taken away from your CPD team, they can now focus on adding additional value to the programme and ensuring your attendees get the most from it.

Alternatively get in touch to talk through how we can help .

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Nicky Hale

Nicky is the Director at Iceni Event Solutions. An expert on all things events, exhibitions, conferences, and seminars, she pulls on her extensive experience to ensure her clients receive the best in class service and solutions.

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