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London Book Fair case study

Onboarding a new customer

First launched in 1971 as The Specialist Publishers’ Exhibition for Librarians, the London Book Fair has, for over 50 years, been bringing the international book community and book industry together once a year each Spring. Gareth Rapley, LBF’s Event Director discusses why they choose to go with Iceni for their registration requirements.

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How did you choose Iceni over other registration providers?

We were already aware of Iceni’s credentials, as they had been managing complex registrations for some of our larger travel-based exhibitions, like World Travel Market and Arabian Travel Market. Doing our research and talking to our colleagues on the other shows really helped to create a positive picture of a relationship of trust that had been built up over a number of years.

What really shone through during the selection process was their approach to the entire project. Their desire to work with us in partnership by discussing what they could do for us beyond the initial presentation and how they could enhance the service delivery to bolster the whole experience for all attendees, exhibitors, and visitors alike.

Developing a working relationship with Iceni both pre, during and post-show

I think we knew from the moment we selected Iceni we had a strong reputable partner. This was critical for us, as we were in a position where I was new to the role and our Marketing Manager had changed towards the end of the previous year. This meant we were starting the registration process with a new vendor, a new Marketing Manager, and a new Event Director.

Despite our need to have a complex registration process with multiple stakeholder requirements, ticket types, and badges, working with Iceni made the whole experience seamless. They understood the fundamentals of what we wanted to do and the issues we would face along the way. What we had with Iceni was a partner that was willing to accept those challenges, deal with queries in an efficient and responsive manner where nothing was made into an issue. But they would also question us throughout asking why we were approaching specific tasks in certain ways and providing alternatives. This was especially helpful when it came to running our off-site events.

Key benefits

How did Iceni deliver against your goals?

We’d shared our goals and objectives for the event with Iceni, and one of the big drivers we take from RX Global is to be more sustainable. We, as a company, have our net zero pledge and this wasn’t just embraced, they purposefully ensured they delivered on it. For example, to reduce wastage onsite they sourced completely sustainable badge holders which eliminated plastics and dramatically increased our recycling commitment.

It was great to work with a partner that could deliver more than just the basics of providing a registration system that would allow people to get in and out of the show, but understood our wider objectives like sustainability and being able to help us to move those agenda items forward. The knock-on effect is we are now able to use the sustainable badge holders on many other shows to really help our net zero pledge as a company.

Would you recommend them to another event?

I think why wouldn’t you recommend? They’re fantastic to work with. They really work as a partner and try and challenge back. It’s not just tell me what you want and I’ll try and do that, they will question you and challenge you to understand what your underlying business needs are and what you are trying to achieve. They absorb all this information and come back to you with a plan on the best possible way to deliver on this, for your show.

For London Book Fair, they have been fabulous to work with. We’re already taking learnings from last year into next year’s show already. My recommendation would be, if you are looking for a registration company, or considering changing your current supplier, then get in touch with Iceni. They are a company that cares and will always work with your show’s best interests at heart.

You won’t regret it.

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