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We are continuously developing a wide range of registration solutions ranging from highly complex to simple badge printing systems giving you complete flexibility and control over your registration needs.

We know every event is different, registration requirements are equally unique. Our solutions are fully customisable, from software modules to data analysis, we make sure you have access to the specific support and solutions that you need.

A bunch of event badges

Sustainable Badging Solution

Bolster your eco-credentials with sustainable badges, holders and lanyards

Badges at a registration desk

Self-Managed Registration Solution

Simply need badges for your event? Iceni’s Self-Managed Registration solution gives you the power to easily manage your delegates without costly fees

Registration desk

Registration Solution

Fully customisable to your event, gain the power to quickly, and effortlessly, set up your registration to the requirements you set

Attendees at a registration desk at an exhibition

Enhanced Registration Solution

Tailored to your event. Go beyond registration and put the power of attendance in your attendees hands through invitation systems, conference session booking, and a CPD portal

Set up for onsite registration

Onsite Services

Onsite registration services to ensure a smooth journey itno your event for your attendees, allowing you to concentrate on the rest of your event

CPD seminar

CPD and Certification

Your CPD and certificate management system to help you save countless hours managing the entire process

Team working together to put together an event

Additional Services

Fully project managed and bespoke solution covering the entire event lifecycle

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Get in touch and see how we can elevate your registration and event management capabilities through a tailored built solution that has your needs at it's heart

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