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CPD and Certification Solution

Simplify your CPD and Certificate administration

Whether you want to ensure your members and delegates stay current with the latest industry learnings, or you want to track your employees continual professional development, you need a system that can track who has attended what, and attribute the right CPD points.

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System set up

Ensure the system is customised for you to meet your CPD and certification requirements. You will be able to:

  • Establish capacity numbers for each session you are running
  • Determine the data fields you need for your registration
  • Set how many points a person can gain from attendance, and what the minimum amount of time they need to attend to qualify
  • Registration of CPD attendees
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Attendee registration

Collect the registration of every delegate seamlessly and effortlessly in a single online database.

Professionally manage your events with real-time tracking and the ability to limit numbers to each session. Take your registration data beyond the basics through analysis to create targeted campaigns, attendee personas to ultimately grow your event and membership.

CPD onsite attendee tracking

Onsite attendee tracking

Gain a complete oversight on the attendance of your sessions and understand who has entered, how long they have remained inside, and when they exited. 

With this information you can then ensure only those that meet your pre-set requirements for CPD points qualify and receive them.

CPD points calculation icon

CPD points calculation

Keep track on all the CPD points earned by each of your attendees throughout the year. With the system updating instantaneously, you can see in real-time who has earned enough to qualify.

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CPD Certificate distribution

Allow the system to automatically distribute the CPD certificates either when a person has collected enough points, or once you have approved the release.

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Remote learning opportunities

For those that failed to attend the session, or failed to attend the full session to catch-up with a dedicated online learning link unique to them.

Through the link you will be able to track and measure online participation. With functionality including anti-content skip, and a quiz at the end you can ensure adherence to your learning ethics.

With so much of the work taken away from your CPD team, they can now focus on providing a greater level of service and enhance the value for your members, attendees, or employee.

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