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Your event, in safe hands

Remove the stress of managing registration onsite with our onsite services. Let us deliver a seamless entry experience so you can deliver an exception event.

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Onsite registration management

You need to focus on delivering your event, not managing registration. 

Take the workload away and allow us to manage the entire process from build up to breakdown.

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Equipment supply

No longer worry about the quantity of touchscreens, printers, scanners and any other equipment you need to run your event. 

We will ensure you have the right equipment, in the right places in registration, along with the right tools for secure access control, to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for your attendees.

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Staffing management and supply

Remove the hassle of contracting, training, and managing your event support staff.

From registration to entrance and seminar scanning we will ensure you have the manpower you need to run a successful event.

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Technical support

Benefit from our dedicated team of experts to ensure your registration equipment runs smoothly throughout all open days of your event.

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Onsite reporting

Receive comprehensive updates on all aspects of your event, allowing you to see how many people are attending along with which seminars, conferences, and other breakout events they are taking part in.

Gain an effortless transition from pre-event registration attendee capture to onsite delivery with our Onsite Services. We will deliver the seamless onsite entrance experience your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and VIPs need to enter stress-free and relaxed and keep their focus on your event. You and your team will then be freed up to concentrate on the rest of your event.

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