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Sustainable Badging Solution

Badging that meets your eco-credentials

Bolster your eco-credentials with our sustainable badging options. With each fully recyclable we can help you minimise the environmental impact of your event, regardless of its size

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Badging stock

Have your badge, your way. With a huge range of badging options available to you, all with sustainability at the heart, you can choose the right size, and the right type for your event.

Our durable recycled paper product can be formatted to the size you need for your event.

Or our wooden and bamboo badges are great for smaller events. They allow you to provide the wow factor by having a calligrapher to write the names on each badge.

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Badge holders

Your badge holders need to be strong enough to protect your attendee badges through the entire life of your event.

Now you can achieve that and say goodbye to plastic. With our badging options you can choose between badge holders with, or without biodegradable film.

What’s more you don’t need to comprise on size. Benefit from the options to print A5, A6, A7, or your own custom measurements.

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All of our lanyards are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles which is kinder to the environment, and helps to reduce the amount of waste being pumped into landfill sites around the world. 

Made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET for short), our lanyards are strong and durable. You will retain the option for printing your event logo, your sponsor’s logo, or both on the strap. Additionally, with the option from hundreds of colours to choose from we will ensure they blend in perfectly to your events brand guidelines.

Combined with our sustainable badge stock options, our eco-friendly badge holders allow you to increase your sustainable credentials and a provide a durable onsite option.

With capabilities across event registration, we can provide you with more than just sustainable badge holders. We can help you with a complete process, regardless of your event size.

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