The project requirement for ILTM was initially to provide a photo collection, exhibitor badge registration and purchase portal, with onsite badge printing and photo related access control.  The access control also uses full access functionality to block badges that are for single day use by valid date.

ILTM have some specific rules with regard to their sharing companies requiring badges but not ability to purchase or add names without MSH control.   An integration which allows changes to details from the exhibitor portal into the badging system.

Over the period of time that Iceni have been engaged with the ILTM project we have added some enhancements to the functionality.  These include:

enhancements to the existing integration that brings in data for exhibitor accounts.     The data that comes into the system is based on a parent / child structure, with locked “parent” data – called diary users.  There could be multiple “diary users” within an account and specific rules have to be attached to them with regard to editing.  A two way push integration has been set up to ensure that any “child” records are added to the group accounts and pushed back into the client system, along with any changes to the “parent”.    Changes can also be made within the client system and certain rules had to be built into the system that checked the changes and then if certain criteria is met, allowed a change to be made to the data in the registration system, which is then pushed across the child data or specific parts only.

An approval system for onsite payments and registrations.    The client needed a coded override that allowed managers to approve rate amendments and discounts during registrations onsite at events.     During an event a client can purchase additional tickets for staff to attend the event, these are usually a set fee, however in some instances they could be discounted or FOC.    These are strictly policed and the onsite staff require a supervisor to “sign off” any variations

Onsite self-registration and photo capture system.   The flagship event ILTM Cannes has grown in the past few years and a new focus needed to be provided to move attendees through the registration area quickly.    A high volume of the attendees visiting the registration area are requiring a simple badge print or a photo capture – in some cases for a hosted badge that has already been delivered or to add photograph and collect badge.    Iceni developed a self-registration system asked the user to type in their UIN (or scan from paper or mobile), the system then offered the options required for that registration and took the participant through the steps for self-photograph capture and badge printing.  This drastically reduced
the time spent in registration and offered a smooth transition into the event for the attendees.
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