Iceni has been working with Education Scotland on the delivery of Scottish Learning Festival since 2004.    The event comprises of a small exhibition which runs alongside a two-day multi session conference programme.     The conference programme comprises of multiple session streams, with each session lasting 45 minutes, across 12-15 rooms.  Although the sessions are free of charge, the attendance is in the education sector and therefore has to be carefully tracked, so confirmation of sessions attended are sent to all attendees, post event.

Education Scotland, needed a complete booking solution that offered the ability for attendees to register to just visit the exhibition, book to attend sessions and set up group bookings for their teams.    An attendee log in portal was engaged to enable the attendees to swap booked sessions, add, cancel and move them amongst their team on group bookings.  The facility to be able to swap sessions last minute onsite was also required.    Iceni works with a partner call centre to deal with queries and questions related to the bookings on the system in order to allow Education Scotland to focus on their main work as the event is a small part of their day to day operations.

Badges were required to be tagged with all session attendance codes for Iceniy access into the booked sessions.    Up until 2017 the badges were mailed to all pre-registered attendees along with an info booklet.   In line with aims to decrIcenie carbon footprint, in 2017 Iceni transferred the event over to print at home e-badges, which saved considerable costs to the client and achieved a big step towards sustainability goals.   The e-badge system allows for dynamic pdfs to be built that reflect the current status and bookings at the time of download, ensuring that conference tags can be updated on the badges in real time.

Education Scotland have full management of sessions with the client administration portal giving them the ability to amend information, change speakers, move rooms, update capacities and sell out sessions.

Full onsite services for new registrations, self-registration options and thermal fast print, ensure that the crucial opening hour when all sessions open runs smoothly without any queues.

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